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consulting & engineering
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consulting & engineering

consulting & engineering

In this department we provide consulting and engineering services for clients in various industries worldwide. We are able to help you since the early stage of the project from the concept phase to the actual delivery of project.


From designing and engineering works to project implementation support, we have a professional team of experts that provides a broad range of engineering and consulting services within the scope of our clients’ needs.


We have international experience in municipal and environmental infrastructure for clients from public and private sector where we executed successfully projects in following areas:

  • Coastal Protection
  • Energy,
  • Environment,
  • Roads,
  • Solid Waste Management,
  • Urban transport,
  • Water & Wastewater treatment.


Due to our experience with international clients, FIDIC standards has becomes an important norm in our organization. We have successfully implemented FIDIC contracts for public clients where our role as independent engineer or supervisor was crucial for the success of the project.


Not only do we strive for a successful completion of the project, but also developing a strong communication between all parties (employer, engineer and contractor) is essential for a smooth process.

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