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business development

business development

In this department we target the key areas that enhances business growth including operations, research and sales. We are mainly focused on the business development of our clients by identifying and selecting potential projects abroad which could offer them more revenues in sales.


Our business development department consists of a high educated team with international experience in large infrastructure projects financed by governments, international donors and financial institutions.


In a first phase – the preparation phase – we identify our clients’ needs and preferences according their technical skills and experience. After a thorough screening of the potential market, we offer our clients a selection of interesting projects in their area of expertise.


Throughout the whole process of preparation and bidding of the project, we provide various consulting services which are listed below in order to ensure contract award for our clients.


In a second phase – the implementation phase – we provide our clients with local management services in order to facilitate the implementation of the project and ensure a successful completion.


Due to our profound knowledge of the local markets and extensive network with important stakeholders, we are able to guarantee our clients a higher rate of success. 

Business Development

Client Agent

Local Project Management


Market Research