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Fides Consulting is a group of consulting companies registered under the laws of the Kingdom of the Belgium with offices in Belgium, FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Fides Consulting Group has been active in West and East-European and CIS markets for more than 15 years executing projects worldwide with a total value of approximately 200 million euros. The head office of Fides Consulting is located in Ghent, Belgium. Currently Fides Consulting employs approximately 120 employees worldwide working in various sector such as Civil Construction, Energy, Environment and Infrastructure.

Fides Consulting provides professional services of consulting, business management, project management and construction supervision, supervision of municipal contracts, business infrastructure development, human resources and engineering.


Next to it Fides Consulting also invests in small to medium enterprises to engage growth by efficient business management. Over the years we have conducted several successful projects by supporting those companies with our resources and expertise. Recently Fides Consulting has entered a partnershop with Geo Consultants, a Latvian engineering company specialized in environemental engineering.


Fides Consulting is cooperating with various clients from private and public sector, international and local organizations, agencies and companies.

Mission & Vision

We provide our clients, partners and ourselves sustainable environment. Highly qualified team of Fides Consulting has a unique mixture of industry and consulting experience, which provides pragmatic solutions to complex problems. We attract, recruit and retain the most experienced and passionate professionals and create a collaborative working environment enabling the team to thrive to success.

Our focus is to maximize operational efficiencies, unlock growth potential, reduce operating costs and invest in business growth.

Our vision is to become the most preferred and trusted partner in the management consultancy industry operating worldwide. Our success is measured by the value we deliver to our clients, the quality of our team and our ambitious spirit as a firm.

Goals and values

Our goal is to provide our clients and partners a sustainable environment with the focus on business growth and long term business relations.


Our Values:



We follow our principles and core values regardless conditions and consequences.



We set realistic, achievable goals and keep our promises.



We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.



We live in a fast changing environment with new rules that demand quick and innovative responses.



We work together to achieve collective and individual goals.


The CEO of Fides Consulting is a Belgian entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience in Europa, CIS region and Central-America. He has been involved in the execution and implementation of large scale international projects funded by financial institutions such as ADB, EBRD, EIB, IBRD and SIDA.

Together with all the business divisions, Fides Consulting has been involved in projects with a total value of approx. 2.5 billion euros for the past 15 years.

Technical and managerial capabilities

The total staff of Fides Consulting group including all offices in the Belgium, FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan amounts to approximately 120 employees. Fides Consulting’s team includes internal consultants, engineers and project managers, external consultants and experts from various spheres providing services with high professionalism, enthusiasm and client - oriented approach.

Besides the internal staff the company cooperates with number of professional consultants and experts, research institutions and local educational institutions. 

Managerial staff : CEO,CFO, Area and Busisness Directors ---- 7

Quality Management

The primary goal of Fides Consulting is to supply the customer with professional services of the highest quality. Our technical competence is constantly maintained and expanded in order to respond to the development of the disciplines and the latest technologies. 

Quality in Fides Consulting is achieved by committed, highly motivated members of the staff who understand the customer’s expectations and needs.